Sunday, March 11, 2007

Iranian Demands

According the the New York Times, Iran Leader Wants to Defend Nuke Program

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to take his case for pursuing nuclear power before the U.N. Security Council, the government said Sunday, as the world body debates new sanctions on the Islamic nation for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment.

But why should they be allowed to sit at the table when they can't be civil with us, the Saudis, or even their Syrian friends? Worse, still, is how they treat their women.

The Washington Post

Iran's Dissenters
The regime marks International Women's Day by cracking heads.

HERE'S HOW International Women's Day was celebrated Thursday in Tehran: Riot police swarmed over a few dozen women who bravely gathered near the parliament in an attempt to hold a peaceful demonstration. Some were beaten; some were arrested and taken away in vans. All mention of the demonstration was purged from state-controlled media, and independent papers and blogs were warned not to cover it, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rather than attend the UN meeting, Ahmadinejad should worry more about his problems at home, such as a general who defected (and has apparently been spying on the regime for years), or Iran's need to ration oil (in one of the world's largest oil producing countries, no less), or Iran's current staggering 20% inflation rate.

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