Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A word from the wise...

"I would ban religion completely" says Elton John. Wonderful. Marvelous. How sheik.

Any other canon fodder for the fanatical Muslim zealots, Sir Elton the flamboyantly gay?

You'd think Elton John has lived a tough, oppressed life. Just scraping to get by. It's hard when your live-in lover spends all of your cash and forces you into bankruptcy.

Comments like these - just as much if not more so than "Bring it on" fuel Islamic radicalism, hatred and fear.

Can you imagine if you were a relatively benign Muslim living in the U.K. (some probably exist), waking up this morning to CNN, seeing this clown - a supposedly respected Pop Idol - vomiting this insane, hypocritical garbage.

I don't know whether to think that Elton John's words are more ironic than hypocritical. John, supposedly decrying bigotry, and a lack of freedom of expression, wants to BAN all religion... he should just consider himself lucky not to have been busted by the fashion police.

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