Thursday, November 02, 2006

Late Edition

This quote courtesy Fox News:

"It's time for the president and vice president to start leveling with the American people, and stop attacking brave veterans like John Kerry who have dared to question the White House's flawed decision to stay the course in Iraq. Every day they attack Democrats instead of reaching out to find a new way forward is another day our security suffers and our troops go without the political leadership they need to succeed," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said.

Weak. What do you hear from Senator Reid? Rather, what do you not hear? I don't hear an actual idea from the Senator. His response is that we lack the political leadership we need to succeed? Reid can't lead his own minority party, so how would he lead with a majority? He sounds like he's whining, not solving our problems.

Congress' approval rating has hit an historical low, and President Bush is persona non grata even at select GOP candidates' rallies. – Fox News

Poor Congress. You know it's real bad when an institution, has a low approval rating. But should we be surprised? Can Congress pass an appropriations bill that isn't riddled with pork? What century are we in... and we're still subsidizing farmers? So Congress has time to waste passing constitutionally dubious legislation to 'save' a comatose woman in a Florida, but we still haven't passed an Energy Bill. Here's a tip: Don't vote yourselves another raise next year - and your approval ratings may go up half a point.

Poor Mr. President. Look at his record: Low inflation, strong economic growth... okay, the domestic success stops there. Let's look abroad: There is now a 'Road Map' for the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis, which is going swimmingly, and Qaddafi has given up WMD's. So why the low ratings... ?

Mabye: Record Defecits, bogus constitutional amendments, squandering American soft power, angering our allies, blowing $300 Billion+ in Iraq with little to show for it except great CourTV of Saddam in his pajamas... the list goes on.

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