Saturday, November 25, 2006

What else Washington should be thankful for...

Jonathan Martin offers a great list of reasons why politicians should be thankful this Thanksgiving. Read it here.

I've got a few more:

Our elected officials should be thankful for the power of money. This election cycle, $2.8 Billion dollars was lavished on their campaigns.

Politicians should be thankful that there is a crisis in the Middle East. Otherwise, the press might spend more time investigating the numerous ethics violations in Congress.

Here, here! To the lobbyists, who last year spent a record $2.28 Billion dollars, which is sure to be topped once figures for 2006 come in.

Thanks for PAC's - Without this loophole, how else could all that soft money be filtered, washed, laundered and shipped back out with such great efficiency?

Democrats should be thankful for corruption, bribery and sex scandals... they rode the wave from that Tsunami right onto the shores of victory November 7th.
Be thankful the FEC has no balls.

Be thankful (especially Robert Byrd) that there are no term limits in Congress.

President Bush should be thankful that there are term limits. Otherwise he would have a tough decision to run again, and/or a tough election if he did run for re-election.

And lastly, be thankful that global warming is a hoax, because - shit, if it's for real, then we're really fucked, aren't we you lame-duck sacks of shit in Washington?

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