Monday, November 06, 2006

U. Penn President apologizes for photo

The President of the University of Pennsylvania apologized for this photo taken on Halloween, in which she is seen standing next to a student dressed as a suicide bomber. The article in the Jerusalem post here.

But let's back up a second here... The Penn President clearly exercised poor judgment by posing for the picture, since she is a public figure. She may have really been slightly confused by the costume, and in the moment turned and smiled for the camera. She apologized, fine.

The student (of Syrian descent) should be criticized for being senseless and stupid. Maybe throw in a cursory FBI background check, just for good measure (seriously).

But let's keep our heads screwed on straight here... We've got kids dressed up as Hitler, Saddam, Bonnie and Clyde, Charles Manson and many more heinous villains of history. We should tone down the hysterics.

Even idiotic college students have first amendment rights. They deserve they're freedom of expression, and to be pilloried by the offended.

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