Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fox really hates Jon Stewart


Let me preface this by saying that I have seen many an unflattering image of our President in countless liberal papers, or even on the local news. Usually, the President's lips are pursed in that split second just before or after he was to say something, resulting in a look of... dimness.

But Fox, please... you never had a reputation for subtlety or finesse, but even you can do better than this ridiculous picture of Jon Stewart.

But I don't mean to defend Stewart. Yes, I think he can be very funny, and his show arguably gets young people more involved in politics... but many of his shots are clearly partisan, and unfortunately for his audience, Stewart's views have moved further to the left as he takes license with the passing of each season and as his fame continues to grow.

So here's a message to the web editor of Fox News, and heck, even to you, Jon Stewart: Don't be so egregious with your partisan volleys... this includes jokes AND pictures that appear on your websites. Stop hurting America.

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