Sunday, November 12, 2006

Conservatives Vs. Republicans

The next two years will be interesting for Republicans in more ways than one. There will be the struggle over what to do in Iraq, and probably the usual rumblings regarding gay marriage and abortion.

But the real political fight may be within the Republican party itself. This article in today's New York Times explores the question of Republican Party identity, and/or Conservative identification.

It's ironic... what I regard as the best aspects of conservatism; indeed the pillars of the conservative movement, have been largely cast aside by the Republican party in recent years.

If the conservatives reign in spending and federal government largess, they can keep the presidency in 2008, and reclaim Congress. Like a child that has been spoiled by its mother, Congress has continued, if not expanded legislative tactics that do not serve the public good. Ear marks and late night amendments to bills are not good for the country.

Instead of continuing to drive through the reform they promised in 1994, Republicans became victims of their enemy's vices. Congress has become ever more dependent on lobbyists, and campaign spending is at an all time high.

These are not victories that conservatives would like to claim. Change is in the wind, hopefully it will blow in the right direction. Whether Republicans can rediscover their conservative soul or not, Americans should be the ones to benefit, not a political party.

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