Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some good news from Iraq

Saddam is getting the noose; shiites are happy, sunnis are upset. The former President broke out into a series of rambling shouts about allah, the people, America and apple pie. At least somehow they were able to get him out of his pajama's and into a suit.

But the bottom line: a dictator gets his due.

Despite the good news, the New York Times felt it necessary to temper any buoyancy in feeling with three skeptical articles: G.O.P Glum as it struggles to Hold Congress, Anger Joines Grief as Marines' Family Feels Misled, and an AP article titled Snow Denies Saddam Trial Scheming.

Let's just try to be happy about the verdict for a minute.


Anonymous said...

Great. Now that we've taken care of that crazy son of a bitch, there's precedent to go after Kissinger.

Wes Mantooth said...

Great. Now that we've got that crazy son of a bitch taken care of, we can go after evil Henry Kissinger too.