Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kerry is an ass

John Kerry... why did I vote for you? I should have written myself onto the ballot.

Not because you should have won the election.

Not because you gave us four more years of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, budget deficit spending, soft power squandering, military blundering, pork barrel-been-in-office too long Republicans.

Not because you repeated Dukakis' tank photo op missteps in the form of wind-surfing and snowboarding.

Not because you married up.

Not because you proposed that we pull out of Iraq [Which in and of itself is enough of a reason why you're an ass]

Not because you voted to invade Iraq [Which is also in and of itself enough of a reason why your'e an ass]

Not because the doubts regarding your military record and achievements may hold some validity.

Not even because of what you said about the troops - regardless your real meaning.

John Kerry, you are an ass because as another weak-kneed incumbent, with the levers of a Party machine at your behest, I still have no clue what alternative you represent to George Bush. I sort of had an idea when you ran against Bush, but any doubts I had were overshadowed by my conviction at the time that we needed a change.

I'm no longer willing to accept a flawed candidate that may be closer to my position on the spectrum, but ironically suffers from a lack of political savvy the President possesses. You have missed the boat and the opportunity to state a clear and concise platform.

John Kerry, you are an ass because like many Democrats, you have no vision, no grand plan for the future. You, like many other Democrats, run under the "We're not Bush" banner, so "vote for us". That doesn't cut it anymore, and it won't cut it in 2008, so think harder.

Or better yet, please do not attempt to run again.

John Kerry, you have turned yourself into a lightning rod for the Right. At its mere mention, your name generates more venom than Hillary's in Republican circles, and within the Republican party base.

John Kerry, you are George W. Bush. You are Bush's doppleganger. Face the facts.

John Kerry, you are not a centrist. You will not provide the strong national security leadership tempered by domestic restraint that this country needs.

You will rule as all Presidents have since Nixon... overreaching your constitutional limits, overlegislating, overacting in front of the cameras, underperforming, and underestimating what the average American citizen wants.

You will spend as much, if not more than Bush (which says a lot), you will continue outdated government programs or expand them, and you will comment and legislate on issues reserved to the states (But in your defense, so have many many Presidents before you).

You wouldn't be bold, you wouldn't be brave, you would not be original. How do I know this? You have already demonstrated your lack of political talent in more ways than one. Why should we expect more? Why should you deserve a second chance?

Please go back to the fantasy world from which you came. Crawl back into your own psyche, sitting in a leather chair, staring at the picture of JFK on your desk in loving adulation. But this time please come to the realization that you are not JFK, you will not be JFK, and then stay indoors and accept your lot in life.

P.S. - Thanks for the Big Dig, too. It was overly ambitious, heinously overbudget, and is still falling apart; much like your Presidential campaign Past, Present, and Future.

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