Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Read

A short article by Mona Charen on National Review Online sums up the pathetic political climate regarding Iraq quite nicely. Read it here.

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Anonymous said...

well, i think Charon is commenting a PC war for the TV AND INTERNET AGE, not an unlimited all-out war.
This is a war hyped for elections, and shot for CNN.
If we had not firebombed and Nuked Japan, twice, we would still be hunting down samurai in the snows of Mt. Fuji. Not to mention where we'd be if the Russians had not expended millions of dead taking the heart of Germany.
War is about cost, and who is willing to pay the bill. Emphasis on the word 'WILL'.
Unfortunately the USA has a history, since WW2, of walking away from a fight. Our enemy doesnt need to win only not to lose, so we turn and go home to our creature comforts.Too much of the American public is soft and soft headed, spoiled and poorly led. And our 'allies'? dont ask.