Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Missile Defense is a Joke to Iran

Prensa Latina reports that Ali Larijani, the secretary of Iran's National Security Supreme Council, called U.S. efforts to build a missile shield in Europe, "the joke of the year."

But President Vladimir Putin of Russia isn't laughing. And Europe is not laughing at Ahmadinejad's comments that Israel's destruction is near.

And of course, the UN is not laughing at Iran's nuclear program as new sanctions are urged.

These latest comments by the capricious Iranians highlight their diplomatic immaturity, and penchant for inflammatory statements.

They cannot be trusted.

Update: Wow. Powerline links to a New York Sun article about something else that is not very funny - an investigation into Iran's possible links to the JFK plot.

Update: Gateway Pundit quotes Mithal Al-Alusi, speaking at the Democracy & Security Conference in Prage - "Iran is the main problem in the region. They are spreading violence to Iran and Syria..."

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