Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Palestinian Civil War Continues

Instapundit makes a great point: "IF THE ISRAELIS HAD DONE THIS KIND OF THING IN GAZA, there would have been a worldwide outcry."

What kind of thing? This kind:

"They're firing at us, firing RPGs, firing mortars. We're not Jews," the brother of Jamal Abu Jediyan, a Fatah commander, pleaded during a live telephone conversation with a Palestinian radio station.

Minutes later both men were dragged into the streets and riddled with bullets.

At least one person inside the headquarters was killed and eight more were wounded. (NYT)

And other atrocities like this from Gateway Pundit:
Fatah fighters are dragged shirtless into the streets after surrendering in Gaza.Via Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV station - Conflict Blotter & Pajamas. According to reports, the captured Fatah members were executed in the streets.

Powerline makes a sad point, noting a Palestinian man's incredulity at the moment before his execution - given that he wasn't a Jew.

To its credit, the New York Times took note of the Israel offer of assistance:
Israel will do what it can, Mr. Olmert said in an interview, to “be helpful and supportive of the Palestinian people in every possible way, including economic cooperation and security cooperation.”

Captain's Quarters Blog dryly noted: Welcome to Hamastan

A Hamas fighter holds the Koran (NYT)

While The Belmont Club called it "The Two State Solution"

And unsurprisingly, amidst the chaos, Abbas has dissolved the Palestinian Authority.

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