Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Killing Themselves in Gaza

The New York Times seems to put it lightly: Hamas Seizes Broad Control in Gaza Strip:

JERUSALEM, June 13 — Hamas forces consolidated control over much of Gaza on Wednesday, taking command of the main north-south road and blowing up a Fatah headquarters in Khan Yunis, in the south.

Instapundit notes the mainstream media's reluctance to flat-out call it a Civil War.

Combined with the two stories below and the looming war between Israel and Syria, welcome to the Exploding Summer.

Yet, the best coverage comes from Gateway Pundit: Fatah Surrenders to Hamas in Gaza, with the hard facts of the killing up front:

At least 80 people are dead in two days of fighting.
Hundreds of Fatah members surrendered.
Hamas militants blew up a tunnel under a security headquarters in the Gaza Strip
on Wednesday killing 13 members of Abbas' preventive security service

It's days like today that I am especially impressed with the Blogosphere. Rather than the dry, thoughtless accounts of fighting between Hamas and Fath in The New York Times, leave it to the Blogs to call it like it is, filter out the spin, and transmit the hardboiled reality to the reader.

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