Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome To Iran

The Blogosphere has done an excellent job rounding up news of the Iranian crackdown. Far better, in fact, than the meager effort by the mainstream media.

Nowhere else have I seen pictures of the nefarious deeds by the government, save for the Blogs.

Captain's Quarters Blog gives a roundup. Michell Malkin adds to that Roundup. Gateway Pundit adds plenty of links and graphic pictures, many from Iran focus.

This should make anyone sad. This should enrage every citizen of a liberal democracy. This should prompt massive street protests and shows of support. But it's tough when liberal-leaning Blogs, for example, spend time worrying about the possibility of the deployment of U.S. special ops on American soil. Surely there are far greater dangers to consider, such as Iran's funding of Hamas.

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