Friday, June 08, 2007

The Iranian Cold War

No war on terror? Then how about a Cold War with Iran?

The Telegraph: Where Iranian Insurgents Are Kings Of The Castle, courtesy Pat Dollard:

Each time the US soldiers peer from Qalalan’s walls, they see a stronger Iran. “That’s a new antenna right there,” said Sgt Marty Cole as he looked east through binoculars. “They’re building up over there. I’m sure it’s for no good.”

Bill Roggio: Targeting the Iranian "Secret Cells"

"There's no question, again, that Iranian financing is taking place through the Qods force of the Iranian Republican Guards Corps," General Petraeus noted, as documentation seized during raids provided evidence of this. Qods Force [or Jerusalem Force] is a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and is responsible for planning and conducting foreign operations, intelligence gathering and terrorist activities. The unit works extensively with Hezbollah. Qods Force regularly uses its diplomatic missions to provide cover for its operatives.

Gateway Pundit: Iran Calls On Islamic States to Take Action Against Israel

Haddad-Adel wrote a letter to the parliament speakers of Islamic states on threshold of the 40th anniversary of occupation of Qods and religious and historical sites of the Palestinian people by the Zionist occupation forces, IRNA reported.

He called on his Islamic counterparts to take a coordinated and serious measure in this regard.

TigerHawk: Semaphores and gunboat diplomacy

In Iranian-American affairs, such as they are, the last thing we need right now is an accident. If we ever decide to fight back, we should make sure it is on purpose. Fortunately, the United States Navy, which has two centuries of diplomatic experience, understands that it needs to avoid fender-benders in the crowded waters of the Persian Gulf.

CounterTerrorism Blog: The US – Iran – Syria triangle

While many in the US are calling for a "dialog" with Syria, Tehran is very much noticing.

On somewhat of a side note... You know what would come in particularly handy if we were to go to war with Iran, or attempt to take out their nuclear program? Lots and lots of Navy Seals.

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