Thursday, June 21, 2007

How To Improve Low Approval Ratings In Congress

With Congressional approval ratings at historic lows, and even Senator Harry Reid's approval ratings well below the President's, Think Progress, that bastion of progressive thinking, has a novel idea:

Reopen the investigation of Abu Ghraib

That's just what the country needs or wants right now.

I have a suggestion... first, let Congress pass a budget on time, or cut billions of dollars in pork from the legislation it manages to pass, finish its time-consuming investigations into the Gonzales affair, and the Plame affair, and then pass a comprehensive immigration bill without loopholes for illegals that actually puts security first.

Then, once Congress gets all those things accomplished, maybe they should be allowed to re-open a case the American public has already gotten over, of which no viable justification can be made to unearth, other than political intrigue and benefit for Democrats.

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