Friday, May 04, 2007

How Iran Markets Nukes

Never say never. The Iranian government is using the New York Times' subsidiary, the International Herald Tribune to advertise for bidders on two nuclear plants. The ads are also a sign of desperation and embarrassment for the regime, especially since the Russians have halted work due to a lack of funding from Iran. Regardless - shame on the International Herald Tribune, and shame on the New York Times.

However, the good outweighs the bad. As the Counterterrorism Blog notes:

...according to diplomats and economical experts, not a single European bank now ventures in financing large projects in Iran. “The Americans played their cards very smartly” says a diplomatic source in Paris.Regarding multinationals, the US did not follow the strategy of the 1990’s of using a domestic law sanctioning companies (US and foreign with offices in the US) doing business with Iran. Instead they went directly to the foreign companies listed on Wall Street. They evoked sanctions, fines or the likely boycott from US pension funds. It is working, a French diplomat acknowledged: “it is very efficient. What can we do?”

Dwindling foreign investment, their faltering oil industry, negative press, sky-high inflation, unaffordable housing, and growing oppression do not bode well for the Iranian regime.

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