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Today's Success is Defeat for Some

Today it was revealed that 6 men charged in plot to attack Fort Dix.

FORT DIX, N.J. - Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused Tuesday of plotting to attack Fort Dix and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers — a scheme the FBIsays was foiled when the men asked a store clerk to copy a video of them firing assault weapons and screaming about jihad.

These events should serve as a reminder why we fight. It should prompt us to action, and snap us awake to the threat we face at home and abroad.

When Islamic advocates add insult to injury by telling the media that the actions of these would-be terrorists shouldn't "equate actions with religion," as Little Green Footballs notes, it should only strengthen our resolve.

Yet, it is rather appalling, but expected that many liberals would respond with sarcasm and jest:

Ok. So, the plot was: six dudes from New Jersey buy some guns and storm Fort Dix. The Fort Dix that is full of lots and lots of Army reservists with way, way more guns. And, like, extensive military training and sh*t. Yes, thank god these terrorists have been caught and locked up before they could be killed within minutes of deciding to carry out the dumbest f*cking terrorist plot we’ve ever heard of.

Worse, others have already moved to downplay the plot because it was not successful, and thus, not very noteworthy:

News about the plot to attack Fort Dix is all over the place. But it's hard not to be skeptical given how many times we've lived through "PLOT TO ATTACK!!!!!" only to find out it never lived up to its billing.

Sadly, successful operations such as the arrest announced by the FBI today does not generate pride or patriotism among the cynics, quite the opposite:

so many plots waiting in the wings. would this plot be linked to the devastation in Kansas and Gov. Sebelius pointing out the fact all of the guard's equipment happens to be quagmired in Iraq?

hmmmm there could be a link here.

Even a desire to reduce the planned attack as hyperbole (What would they have said if the 9/11 attackers had been caught with their box-cutters?)

Why do I see the mugs of those racist bastards from Fux News and the brainless morons on wingnut welfare all over my tv, peeing their pants over terrorist threats?

So willing to disregard any possible threat

IT's not safe to deliver Pizza to Fort Dix!
Especially while being a practicing Muslim.
I'm highly skeptical of anything the government says about terrorist plots at this point. But what is incontrovertible is that the family in question has a pizza restaurant.

And even resort to racism based on the national origin of the would-be attackers

First, what kind of idiot thinks attacking a US military base with an AK-47 will get them further than a body bag at the front gate?

And they're Yugoslavian...so, really, we should be afraid of people driving piece of shit $4,000 cars now?

The Blog JammieWearingFool has also posted excerpts from Huffington Post readers:

Sorry. This administration has conditioned me to deem this to be wholly manufactured bullshit.

So Pres. Bush's approval rating drops to an all time low of 28% and within a few days some alleged terroists are arrested for plotting to attack Fort Dix...just a coincidence of course

The depths of many people's Bush hating depravity knows no bounds. It would seem that many of my fellow Americans are willing to ignore and distort FBI and police work, and the fruits of a 12 month investigation, cast it all aside, and ridicule this extraordinary effort by law enforcement.

I, must confess, though, that I, too, see a downside to the news of today's thwarting of a terrorist attack. Because of all the press, Nancy Pelosi's earmarking funds for her husband's benefit, will most surely be swept under the rug. (Granted, the media was loathe to do much reporting on the subject to begin with).

Undoubtedly, today's news of ethnic Muslim Yugoslavian/Turkish/Jordanian would-be terrorists will prompt the impish isolationists to proclaim the vindication of their convictions. "This is proof," they will say, "that we need to focus on America first!"

Detailed and more vociferous demands for a pull out of Iraq will follow.

And much will be lost, as the media reports on the empty rhetoric from the peevish, including incredible first hand accounts of the war from Bloggers like Michael Totten:

“What do you think is going to happen in Kirkuk if the United States withdraws from Iraq next year?” I said, wondering if the city would become much severe very quickly.

It will not be good,” Mam Rostam [A Kurdish Peshmerga General] said. “Not for Iraq and especially not for Kirkuk. At a minimum there will be trouble with the neighbors, with Turkey and Iran. They will interfere.”

“They will interfere in Kirkuk in particular?” I said.

“Especially in Kirkuk,” Mam Rostam said. “Turkey is always interfering. But I believe the U.S. won’t leave Iraq until 2025. That’s my guess.”

“Even in 2025,” Patrick said, “you will ask us to stay longer for tea.”

Really. It’s hard to extract yourself from any kind of social event in the Middle East without being ordered to drink yet another tea.

“If America pulls out of Iraq, they will fail in Afghanistan,” Mam Rostam said.

Hardly anyone in Congress seems to consider that the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan might become much more severe if similar tactics are proven effective in Iraq.

“And they will fail with Iran,” he continued. “They will fail everywhere with all Eastern countries. The war between America and the terrorists will move from Iraq and Afghanistan to America itself. Do you think America will do that? The terrorists gather their agents in Afghanistan and Iraq and fight the Americans here. If you pull back, the terrorists will follow you there. They will try, at least. Then Iran will be the power in the Middle East. Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorism. They support Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Ansar Al Islam. You know what Iran will do with those elements if America goes away.”

It is to be expected in today's political climate that efforts by our domestic soldiers to thwart terror are painted as dubious, or politically motivated, and the bravery of tough, honest Iraqis fails to be adequately reported by our journalistic elite. When are the journalistic elite to be held accountable?

After three quarters of the day passed, this story finally made it to the top of the front page of the New York Times's website. Live terrorists caught in the act interests the Times less than repetitive, soporific stories of suicide bombings abroad.

It's typical, it's sad, it's criminal, it's crap.

It's ignominious and lame, deserving of shame.

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