Thursday, May 17, 2007

Democrats Grasping at Straws

What do you do when you suffer a string of embarrassing legislative initiatives, and your poll numbers are lower than the President's?

Why not completely shut down the floor to the minority:

As Drudge notes:

The Democratic Leadership is threatening to change the current House Rules regarding the Republican right to the Motion to Recommit or the test of germaneness on the motion to recommit. This would be the first change to the germaneness rule since 1822.

More from Pat Dollard.

And today, Senate Dems Fail to Cut Off War Funds:

Anti-war Democrats in the Senate failed in an attempt to cut off funds for the Iraq war on Wednesday, a lopsided bipartisan vote that masked growing impatience within both political parties over President Bush's handling of the four-year conflict.

Will this other recent legislative failure prompt yet more Draconian Congressional procedural measures?

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