Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mount Suribachi


Dogtags and pins placed by United States soldiers decorate a signboard at the United States Marine Corps Landing Memorial on top of Mount Suribachi, Iwo-Jima in this December 13, 2006 file photo, the site of a fierce battle between Japanese and United States forces for control of airfields on the island during World War II. Iwo Jima and its airfields were the prize the United States needed so that fighter planes could escort bombers all the way to Tokyo. The Japanese knew they had no hope of victory, but to delay the U.S. victory and attack on the mainland, they built miles of tunnels and bunkers across the island from which they could be dislodged only with flamethrowers, hand grenades and small arms. To match WITNESS-IWOJIMA/ REUTERS/Michael Caronna/Files (JAPAN)

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