Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Body Armor B.S.

Playing Politics Over Body Armor

What is especially troubling about this whole thing is that the US military had to release footage of all the tests so terrorists can analyze how to defeat US body armor. What was probably the most damning information left out of the NBC report was that the Dragon Skin body armor weighs 47.5 pounds compared to the Interceptorarmor that weighs 28 pounds. How could NBC News leave such critical information as this out of their report? It just shows that they are deliberately presenting only the facts that supports the narrative they want everyone to believe. It is truly sad how bad the level of journalism in America has reached. The media at one time played a critical role as a check and balance on the government, now it is nothing more than a propaganda organ and a political weapon for members of the government. I know members of the media read this blog and I would interested to read an opinion from someone in the media on the NBC reporting.

More at NRO.

Just shameful.

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