Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Iranian Graciousness

It is important to recognize the courageousness, humility, valor and selflessness of individuals and nations from time to time.

Now is [not] one of those times.

The Iranians are such a nice bunch, they have launched a new scheme to entice Afghans home.

TEHRAN -- Iran published advertisements in newspapers Tuesday offering new incentives for its hundreds of thousands of registered Afghan refugees to return home.

The new plan comes two weeks after Iran began a major drive to expel Afghan workers without papers that has already seen tens of thousands kicked out of the country.

Yet, their magnanimity does not end there. Iran has also announced that it is willing to help US exit Iraq.
IRAN was willing to help its foe the United States develop an "exit strategy" from Iraq, the country's deputy foreign minister said in an interview published today.

Imagine that! Thanks, guys!

However, Iran is not only concerned with the welfare of Afghans or Americans. The Iranian Shi'ites are even providing financial support to some Sunni insurgents, according to Major General Caldwell
Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said the military had credible intelligence to support the allegation but did not elaborate. He said the support to Sunni insurgents was limited to select groups, which he did not identify.

Perhaps one day, the U.S. can return the favor by helping Iranians free themselves from stifling religious oppression. Or, perhaps we can help rescue high level military officers (Wait, we already did). Maybe we'll have to just settle for disaster relief the next time a devastating earthquake strikes the country.

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