Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Redo's from MilBlogs

What if... ?


I wonder what the world would be like if -

- The US had left a sizable stabilaztion force in Europe at the end of WWI

- The US had not passed the neutrality act of 1936

- Rather than create the State of Israel in 1948... force the Palestinians to accept an unlimited right of return of the Hebrews(the original idea).

- North Korea had been carpet bombed in '52

- Rather than collapsing after a few rather unsubtantial protests in '53, the Iranian parliament had adopted good governance.

- Joe McCarthy had spent his energies pointing out the weakness of communism rather than conducting a witch hunt against communists.

- Congress had left 25K or so advisors and some aid on the table for South Vietnam.

- Carter didn't pull the plug on the Shah of Iran and insisted on incremental reforms.

- Carter didn't believe Breznev's assertion that the Soviets wouldn't invade Afghanistan.

- The Looney Left hadn't killed the Nuclear Power Industry in the US in the '70's

- We had leveled the Iranian Parliament 30 seconds after the US hostages were released.

- Bush Senior had actually gone to Baghdad when we had a much larger Army.
Clinton hadn't cut the size of the Army.

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