Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't Screw Up Before the First Primary

Former Senator John Edwards is having a hard time not violating one of the cardinal rules of the race for President.

He doesn't necessarily need to dazzle, awe, or inspire all that much. He really just needs to raise money and stick to the talking points. But just don't screw up.

First, it was the radically venomous, hateful bloggers he hired, then it was his $400 haircut, then he denied that we are fighting a war on terror, and now...

Edwards Recants Iraq Report Remark

Former Senator John Edwards, a Democratic presidential candidate, told an interviewer on Wednesday that he had read the classified October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate before voting to authorize force in Iraq, even though he had previously maintained that he had not read the report and had only been briefed on it.

Foot in mouth syndrome.

I see Edwards as the John McCain of the Democrats... wacky, oddball, and crazier than the last time he ran for president.

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