Friday, May 11, 2007

Incompetent Corruptocrats

Whatever happened to Democrats combating corruption, as they promised to do? NewBusters has the answer:

Pelosi hasn't just hypocritically relaxed rules for her Congressional pals and their little trips on military craft, but she has also allowed a change in the January enacted a ban on members of Congress accepting air travel on private jets. Yes, it was just last January that Congress put the breaks on members accepting free trips on private jets, that are usually owned and operated by lobbying firms, because of all the kickback scandals of the previous election cycle.

But it is understandable, they've been very busy helping to lose the United States allies:
Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe returned to Bogota this week in a state of shock. His three-day visit to Capitol Hill in Washington to win over Democrats in Congress was described by one American supporter as "catastrophic." Colombian sources said Uribe was stunned by the ferocity of his Democratic opponents, and Vice President Francisco Santos publicly talked about cutting U.S.-Colombian ties.

If Democrats ran on consensus-building, change, and reform the last time around, what will they run on in 2008?

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