Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mass Defections in North Korea

Strategy Page has an article relating to the defection of North Korean Diplomats:

April 8, 2007: The North Korean regime has issued a strong "reminder" to its diplomats, and other personnel stationed abroad, that they are not to have more than one child with them on a foreign posting. This suggests North Korea is worried about possible defections by diplomats, consular officials, business agents, etc., who've got their wives and kids with them in some foreign country. If they can only take one child with them, those that remain home essentially become hostages to their good behavior. The North Korean government has become increasingly alarmed at the number of diplomats defecting and, even worse, those who stick around, but in the pay for American, South Korean and Chinese intelligence agencies.

It seems that some North Korean Diplomats are not as brainwashed as others, who have attacked European Conductors while traveling on rail lines in Finland.

Update: Mass defection of North Korean border guard platoon

The Daily NK reported, quoting North Korean informers, that a platoon of border guards in Hoiryeong district committed a mass defection.

The border guards reportedly escaped the central party’s combined inspection squad’s arrest and were pursued by North Korean agents in Manchuria.

The reliability of the news seems very high since more than one inside-source provided the news. If so, it must be treated as one of the most shocking North Korean news of these days.

Hmm... Must be all the giant rabbit they're eating.

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