Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Running from Fox News into the arms of Iran

Democrats are above the low-brow partisanship of FOX News...

Washington Post: Clinton, Obama to Skip Fox-Sponsored Debate.

Because Democrats have better things to do...

San Francisco Gate: Pelosi is open to Iran trip.

The same Iran that is Training Iraqi Militants on Bombs?

The same Iran that has shot at U.S. troops on the Iraqi border and tried to kidnap them?

The same Democrats who want us to invade Sudan, but abandon Iraq?

What is going on here? How can such brazen hypocrisy go unchecked? Say what you will about the Bush administration's bravado, lack of domestic agenda, and ridiculous tendency to stay on message... but at least they're consistent.

The recent flurry of Democratic assertiveness in the foreign policy realm is disturbing. It is not customary, traditional or proper for Congress to assert such unprecedented (and conflicting) foreign policy goals and initiatives. For this reason, the Constitution placed this authority with the President. The President makes policy, Congress approves or disapproves.

Somewhere along the way, Congress' priorities and job responsibilities have gotten perversely juxtaposed.

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