Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Biden: Sudanese are worth more than Iraqis

I've posted on this before... Hot Air NAILS it, though:

Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a Democratic presidential candidate, called Wednesday for the use of military force to end the suffering in Darfur.

“I would use American force now,” Biden said at a hearing before his committee. “I think it’s not only time not to take force off the table. I think it’s time to put force on the table and use it.”

But according to Biden and most Democrats, it’s not a moral imperative to stay in Iraq even knowing that if we leave too soon a genocide to dwarf Darfur’s will fill our wake. Not to mention what a premature bugout would do to US credibility.

Help me out here, Democrats. You all want out of Iraq. I know that a lot of you agree with Biden and want into Darfur. What underlying principle guides you? I’m not being snarky–I’m genuinely curious about it.

Because from where I sit, you people make no sense at all.

Your top reps in the House will meet with Assad or Ahmadinejad but not Bush. You run away from Fox News but I bet you’d all go debate on Al Jazeera. You’ll fundraise for CAIR but you treat James Dobson like he’s a leper. You all think Keith Olbermann is just the manliest man ever since he’s always “speaking truth to power” but, as a kid, he got beat up by girls all the time. And you’re all probably cool with that. And now this–let’s run away! from Iraq, and lurch right into Darfur.

You hate the “civil war” in Iraq? Well, you’ll just love the civil war in Darfur. Did ya know that the same Islamist forces we’re fighting against in Iraq are involved in Darfur? You’d best get up to speed. Chop chop.

Hypocrisy. Sheesh.

One would almost think Biden is even more eager to end his nascent campaign for President than when he made condescending comments about Barack Obama.

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