Friday, April 13, 2007

Jason Whitlock On Imus, Sharpton, Jackson

"We keep deluding ourselves and getting caught up in distractions that have nothing at all to do with what's really setting back, holding black people back - and it is really our own self-hatred. Don Imus is irreleveant to what is going on with black people. Don Imus is no threat to us. Don Imus will not shoot one of us in the street. He will not impregnate our daughter or our sister and abandon that kid and that woman. Don Imus is a bad shock-jock who cracked a bad joke, apologized, offered a sincere apology, and two ministers who have needed forgivenes in their own life, don't have the moral integrity to give this man the forgiveness that he has asked for in a sincere fashion - I'm repulsed by this whole thing.

"Don't negotiate with terrorists - because that's what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are. They go around the country lighting fires and dividing people and then start picking everyone's pocket."

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