Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Iraq Fables Exposed

Hot Air does a great job twice reporting on two stories out of Iraq which have been botched by the Mainstream Media. However, the stories have continued to unfold, and time does indeed bring truth:

Iran is undoubtedly meddling in Iraq, and killing Americans: Petraeus: “No question” that Karbala attackers were linked to Quds Force


U.S. Troops did not woefully slaughter civilians in Haditha: Haditha: Time for another “everything you know is wrong” Newsmax piece

Hot Air is picking up where the Mainstream Media has left off... and the omissions and lazy reporting among our supposed "media elite" are glaringly obvious, as these two stories point out.

Update: Flopping Aces also has a very thorough analysis of the Haditha story.

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