Friday, April 20, 2007

How Islamic Terrorists Enter Manhood

Jews get a Bar Mitzvah. Christians get confirmed. The ancient Spartans had to survive in the wild for months, feeding themselves.

Jihadist boys, on the other hand, must cut off the head of a living breathing man before a video camera.

KILI FAQIRAN, Pakistan (AP) - The boy with the knife looks barely 12. In a high-pitched voice, he denounces the bound, blindfolded man before him as an American spy. Then he hacks off the captive's head to cries of "God is great!" and hoists it in triumph by the hair.

This is not simply a doctrinal religious problem. This is not a question of an "American presence in the region." There is far more going on if these people can be brought to such a level of sad, senseless, sadism.

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