Sunday, April 15, 2007

300 - FULL - Frank Miller's graphic novel

This is great. Some fan scrupulously took the time to film every page of Frank Miller's epic '300' comic book miniseries.

This goes out to all those 300 haters out there, all the critics who decried the filmmaker's percieved bias and insinuated the film is a propaganda tool.

Note the undoubtable similarities between the comic book and the film; the costumes, the likenesses, the landscape... Zach Snyder truly brought this film to the screen with impeccable precision. His admiration and faithful depiction of Miller's stylized artistry pays great tribute to the comic, and to Frank Miller's creative genius.

Well here it is, the comic book published in 1998, well before Iran's Ahmadinejad began making a fool of himself on the international stage, before Iran was really on the United States' radar, and before most people even heard of the 300 Spartans' courageous defense of their homeland, an act which helped to avoid almost certain domination by the Persians.

I ask this of all the bleeding heart politically correct critics of this film: Would you want to have been ruled by Persia?

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