Friday, April 20, 2007

Props to the Saudi's

They may not be very forceful at decrying the awful slaughter in Iraq and elsewhere by fanatical Muslim suicide terrorists, and their regime may not be the most progressive, tolerant or open. However, despite all their drawbacks, Saudi Arabia deserves a shout out for two recent steps it has taken:

1) In a Major Step, Saudi Arabia Agrees to Write Off 80 Percent of Iraqi Debt

Saudi Arabia has agreed to forgive 80 percent of the more than $15 billion that Iraqowes the kingdom, Iraqi and Saudi officials said yesterday, a major step given Saudi reluctance to provide financial assistance to the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad.


2) Saudi king describes the Iranian nuclear program as burden for the region

Iran's nuclear program has added one more crisis to the region that needs to be contained, along with the sectarian conflicts in Iraq and Lebanon, King Abdullah said Saturday.

Bravo. Now if you can just stop your citizens from killing foreign tourists who stray onto "Muslim Only" highways, then you'll really be making some progress.

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