Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Europe Punishes Religious Murder, Saudi Arabia Looks the Other Way

Remember those 3 French Sightseers shot on a road in Saudi Arabia? Their crime was being Christian while driving on a Muslim-only road. What were they thinking?

...the group had stopped by the side of a road typically restricted to Muslims about 10 miles from Medina when a car pulled near them and opened fire.

Their killers have unsurprisingly not been found by Saudi authorities. But in Europe, justice is hard at work as Serbs sentenced for videotaped killings of Muslims:

Four Serbian paramilitary soldiers who videotaped their killing of six Bosnian Muslim youths in the last days of the 1992-95 Bosnia war were found guilty on Tuesday by Serbia's war crimes court.

Just one obvious difference between Islam and the West: Blind Justice

Despite the fact that Christian Serbs killed Muslims with impunity, they have been prosecuted and jailed by Western authorities. Islamic countries have no such concern about the lives of "infidels."

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