Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The News War

A very interesting piece from WNYC today entitled The News War, on the Leonard Lopate show. Julie Burstein sits in for Lopate, and interviews Raney Aronson, Arun Rath and Lowell Bergman about their new series debuting on PBS February 13th titled News wars: Secrets, Spin and the future of the American News

Patrick Buchanan once said that "the battle between the White House and the national media is the battle over who controls the national agenda." On today's show: how the mainstream news media decides what is news and what isn't. Also, travelers on personal quests: one woman traces her ancestors back to Africa's Gold Coast, and another woman's search for happiness in Italy, India, and Indonesia. And Colm Toibin's new short story collection, Mothers and Sons. Guest host Julie Burstein sits in for Leonard today.
Comments and points raised on the show:
  • The hostility toward the mainstream media
  • The courts are not as friendly to the news media
  • The news media is no longer seen as a "watchdog" organization
  • The economic foundations are precarious
  • Wall street is taking its revenge
  • Journalists they interviewed were nervous and reluctant to be interviewed
  • Hard time getting people in the media to talk about the media
  • Reporters reporting on reporting
  • The public should care
  • The conduct of the Washington Press Corps
  • Has the Washington Press Corps been manipulated?
  • Not looking for accolades from the journalism community

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