Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gore may run for President yet

The New York Observer answers "Why Al Gore Won’t Let the Rumors Die, " therawstory explains "Why Al Gore is keeping his 2008 options open," and the PittsburghTribune-Review has "The case for Gore 2008,"

New York Observer
By delaying, Mr. Gore will also be able to steer clear of any early skirmishes between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, instead allowing the three front-runners to drive each other’s negatives up—which will only feed the rank-and-file hankering for Mr. Gore to play the white knight.

But there are also reasons Gore might not choose to enter the race. If Obama or Edwards make gains against Clinton, Kornacki writes that he may not want to further crowd the fray. He also must fear "the risk of being branded, for all of history, as a two-time loser." But, Kornacki concludes, Gore has wanted to be president most of his life, and so he wonders "Can he resist?"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
First, he appeals to the bloggers without being defined by them, at least not in the way that Howard Dean eventually came to be. Second, he was against the war when it was politically risky to be against the war; Democrat activists remember that, and revere him for it. Third, he was part of what Democrats consider to be the most successful Democrat administration in the past 50 years and -- unlike Hillary -- he was an elected part of that administration.

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