Thursday, February 15, 2007

Take it from me... I'm a soldier

Daily Kos blogger 'The Angry Rakkasan' stated yesterday in his post:

Thus far, I’ve been riding the fence on the "cut the funding" debate. But no more. Not after listening to that moron, our President, on TV this morning. After listening to him bumble his way through another public appearance, I’m convinced that, whatever the cost politically, the Democrats must now move to cut funding for the war in Iraq.

Essentially, Rakkasn says that pulling out of Iraq entirely won't endanger the troops, won't hurt morale, won't embolden the terrorists.

Regarding the widely agreed upon assumption that a U.S. troop pullout would exacerbate the Civil War, causing many more Iraqis to die:

Have I been sleeping? Were we not at that point already? How do these assholes onthe right get away with continuing to say that on one hand, if we leave, it could cause other countries to step in, and on the other hand, to say that these other countries are already meddling in Iraq’s business? Didn’t we just get a Powerpoint on that?

So... is he saying 'who cares about the Iraqis?' They're doing to die anyway?

I love the scientific poll at the bottom:

P.S. - He cursed twice, and called Bush a moron in a post with only 800 words.

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