Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If Republicans can't win...

An NPR story on Iowa Republicans struck me yesterday, and not just the blunt old woman decrying this "gay business" (whatever that means). The interview ended with Linda Wertheimer, the reporter, paraphrasing Republican voters, then airing a comment by one such Republican voter:

Republicans may not come out to vote. Lyle Horman shares that concern, but holds out the hope that if Republicans can't win, perhaps Democrats can lose:

"I have to believe that the Democrats, because their candidates are so bad and so extreme, the Republicans could be helped."

It's true. With so much of the nation's sentiment going the Democrats' way, one would think they'd be hard-pressed to lose. Unless they resort to politics as usual in Washington, partisan bickering, and unless they attempt to micro-manage us to defeat in Iraq, they're a shoe-in for the Presidency.

Oh, wait a second...

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