Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rhetoric With Persia Heats Up

Yesterday, President Bush called for the release of Americans held in Iran. After weeks of American scholars, journalists and tourists disappearing in Iran, Bush has finally addressed the issue formally.

Coincidentally, Bush's comments come on the heels of IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei's comments that 'crazies' in the Bush administration are seeking war with Iran. (Of course, kidnapping Americans, not to mention British sailors a few months ago, would not be seen as a provocation)

Coincidentally, as Pat Dollard notes, a third U.S. Aircraft Carrier, the USS Intrepid, is headed to the Gulf.

Personally, I believe that military conflict with Iran is doubtful at this point. However, keeping in mind Operation Praying Mantis, (the U.S. military's 1988 response to Iran's mining of the Persian Gulf, which resulted in damage to an American vessel), a surgical American military strike to scare the Iranians would not be extraordinary. After all, the 1988 attack helped force Iran to end its war with Iraq, and that was the last of the mining of the Gulf. Now that the British have lost face after the sailor kidnapping debacle, force may be the only avenue with which to remind Iran it cannot act with impunity against American citizens, or U.S. interests.


Harold said...

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Nick Brunetti-Lihach said...

Thanks Harold, I will definitely pick it up.