Sunday, June 03, 2007

Murtha: Obviously, it's America's fault

Every action results in a reaction. Isn't that some kind of law of physics? Science is not my strong-suit.

Action: Aspiring terrorists plot to blow up fuel supplies at JFK airport.

Reaction: Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha deduces that the war in Iraq is to blame.

More at Flopping Aces and NewsBusters.

Perhaps the Congressman can help me with the chronology, my memory must be failing. Was 9/11 perpetrated before the war in Iraq, or after? How about the first World Trade Center bombing? The USS Cole bombing? The African embassy bombings? The Khobar Towers?

Rather than use the JFK plot as a jumping off point to analyze domestic terrorism in an intellectual manner, Murtha resorts to his bumbling, meandering, tired old ad hominem attacks.

On the other hand, Counterterrorism Blog explores the Ramifications of the JFK Plot:

The take-down of the suspected radical Islamic terror cell threatening to blow up JFK airport yesterday highlights, yet again, key national security issues related to our immigration system. The alleged ringleader of the plot, Russell Defreitas, is reported to be a 63 year old naturalized US citizen from Guyana. It is not yet clear from released information when he naturalized; however, information gleaned from the criminal complaint indicates he developed his Islamic-inspired hatred for America years ago. The question, of course, is did he harbor such anti-American feelings before he became a naturalized US citizen? If he did, he likely would have lied in the process of becoming naturalized.

It may be too much to ask from a politician to hold a frank and honest discussion on a Sunday news program, given the need to use the pulpit to resort to partisan politics. However, that in mind, Murtha's ignominious comments are no easier to swallow.

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