Saturday, April 07, 2007

Global Martian Warming

As the United Nations issued an assessment on global warming described by the New York Times as Bleakest Climate Report Approved, other recent developments seem to raise more questions than ever:

The LA Times reports that Clue to Mars' warming is seen:

Global warming on Mars?It turns out you don't need belching smokestacks and city-choking traffic to heat up a planet. Changes in surface reflectivity may also do the trick, according to research published Thursday in the journal Nature.

Here's the kicker:

If Mars is getting hotter, that could explain one finding that has puzzled planetary scientists since it was discovered several years ago: the loss of carbon dioxide ice at Mars' south pole.

Mars is warming despite the loss of CO2? I'm not a scientist, however, if a desolate, barren wasteland such as the red planet is can experience global warming, we earthlings may want to apply a greater degree of skepticism with regard to the recent climate hysterics.

Let me be clear - I am all for conservation, green technology, efficiency and lesser dependence on the earth's natural resources to pollute our environment. However, there is a fine line between reasoned scientific protocol and the appropriation of the media for politically motivated personal crusades and/or selfish indulgence (A few hypocritical opportunists, such as Al Gore, come to mind. Real, hardcore environmentalists like Mark Hertsgaard, have written very critically of Gore during his Vice Presidency, not to mention his energy suckling homes).

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