Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is the difference so far?

The American public has come to expect a controversy or two during a Presidential cycle - during any election cycle.

Yet, without making a judgement call, I am struck at the difference in the controversies within the Presidential campaigns of Republicans and Democrats so far. Two years prior to the election, anything can happen. But there can be no doubt that many Democratic hopefuls are off to a bad start.

John Edwards' Bloggergate has hurt him, especially among Catholic Democrats.

And Barack Obama has had negative press twice:

- First, Obama and Australian Prime Minister John Howard get into a flap
(Granted, Howard started it).

- Second, Obama says troop deaths in Iraq were "wasted," then fails to apologize for it (He has
only said he "would" apologize if military families were offended). More from Jules Crittenden

In contrast, Republican Presidential hopefuls have managed thus far to avoid much negative press, save for John McCain, who is drawing fire for these bizarre steps:

- First by choosing to be the Kenynote speaker at a Creationist advocacy group, and

- Second, by predicting a Tet Offensive by insurgents in Iraq.

Yet, Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee and others have managed to stay away from bad press - for now. Only two more years to go...

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