Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Washington Post: Arkin Saga Continues

Have you ever seen a really horrible "B" Movie? You know, the kind where the villain just pops out of the shadows, goes on a rant with a bunch of idiotic statements, his eye twitches, he's sweating, and then he shoots up the room with bullets, and runs away to live and excrete more nonsense another day?

That's William Arkin of the Washington Post.
What do people think of the man?

Mark Steyn: Well, you know, what was interesting to me about this was that he sort of published his unvarnished thoughts on the Internet at the Washington Post website. And you know, I’ve never quite understood this thing that the big newspapers boast about, that their columns undergo, everything that appears in the paper undergoes six levels of editing. I’ve never felt, personally, that that improves my work. But you begin to understand what they’re up against here, because essentially, when you let these guys just sort of fire from the lip unvarnished on the Internet, you realize, in fact, that whoever the six editors who are filleting the prose are actually doing their best to make these guys sound semi-sane when the paper lands on your doorstep in the morning, because unvarnished, William Arkin just sounded like a sort of stereotypical, Army-hating kook.

IOWAHAWK - Equal time: The Arkin Controversy
  • Some policy analysts have proposed that in response, Arkin should be beaten for being the repulsive sack of shit he is
  • Arkin's subsequent hospitalization would impose an economic hardship on the already financially-strapped Washington Post
  • ...the only benefit his beaters would receive is a temporary cathartic sense of satisfaction, which must be weighed against the potential risk of skinned knuckles and boot stains
  • ...vigorous public beatings of repulsive shit sacks are not necessarily at odds with the First Amendment

Are people reading Arkin's Blog on Washington

Here's what the link on the blog page says about his article: Early Warning
Editor's Note: More than 900 comments have been posted to this entry -- making the page too long for some computers to download and display quickly and properly. We're therefore allowing no new comments to be added to the page. Please feel free to add any comments you might have on the topic of this entry to later posts by William Arkin on the same topic, including "A note to my readers on Supporting the troops." (Note that they do not reference his original follow up: "The Arrogant and Intolerant Speak Out")

From Black Five: Wow, William Arkin has just dropped a stellar entry in the biggest asshole in America contest.

From The American Daily: William Arkin - A Mere Rectal Parasite on a Sewer Rat's Flea

Here are some comments that were left below his original post:

You possess a simple but rapidly growing quality among too many
Americans..."Infinite Ignorance"
Mr. Arkin, I found some of the words you used (like "mercenaries" and "obscene
amenities") were a little too strong, but overall, I agree with your editorial.
Keep writing!
George bush 04, 08, 12, 16
George Bush Forever
Mr. Arkin, I applaud you and your ability to command the English Language. I
also applaud how easy it must be for you sit on your Highchair and tell the rest
of us exactly what we are all missing on this issue of our troops. I will sleep
better tonight knowing that the real defenders of my freedom are not on the
battlefields in the Middle East. Rather, they are blogging on the Washington
Post Web page.
It's a shame that the same soldiers that this aging, bitter hippie refers to as
mercenaries are dying for his freedom to write useless garbage like this.

Thank you Arkin, for finding an upside to losing the War on Terror:
We will get to watch "our 7th century overlords" stone you and a few million other
whiners at home plate. But why wait? You could get "embedded" with the Mahdi Militia by tomorrow if you catch a flight tonight. I'm sure CNN will air the tape.

If "ignorance is bliss" - you truly must be the happiest person on the face
of the earth.

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