Thursday, February 01, 2007

Many poorly chosen words

William M. Arkin has posted a scathingly shameful diatribe against American military personnel. Among the adjectives he used to describe the troops are "mercenary," "young," "naive," "frustrated with their lack of progress," and stating, condescendingly, that "the debate back home confuses them."

Here is the link:

Below are more inflammatory quotes from his post:

" wasn't for them to disapprove of the American people."

"These soldier should be grateful..."

"...ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them..."

"America needs to ponder what it is we really owe those in uniform."

National Review also reports on Arkin's Meltdown

Little Green Footballs covers it here

Some notable comments from readers of his post:

"I hold a Master's of Divinity from and accredited seminary. Mr. Arkin, if I had the opportunity, I would cuss you out to your face."


"Please fire this clown."

In my view:

Arkin's personal views are his own prerogative. He has every right under the Constitution to utter his savagely blunt words, painful as they may are, and direct them to whom he chooses. But nonetheless, his language is heavy-handed, excessive, and unnecessary.

The nation had a blog post called The Soldiers Speak Out back in November. You did not see the right viciously attacking them. Notably, you did not hear the left decry soldier's offering their opinions of the war then.

Earlier this month, and previously back in April, a group of retired generals spoke out against the war. The Left did not think to balk at their audacity to call out the Administration or current military leadership. Yet, it should be noted that many conservatives, among them Tony Blankley, wrote columns that "harshly criticized the revolting generals -- retired and active" (in his own words). He virtually accuses the generals of mutiny and sedition.

Regardless, Arkin's biting, shameful, vitriolic rhetoric is inexcusable. In fact, his insidious insults are completely backwards. Civilians can criticize the war, and the troops with impunity, yet the soldiers must remain dutifully silent. That's perverse logic.

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