Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Washington Post's Kaiser equates Iraq to Vietnam

He is wrong. (See earlier post below regarding Iraq/Vietnam)

But Kaiser would be correct in his assessment... if you he were to look at the situation only in its most superficial terms... that the United States is fighting a ground battle against insurgents in a foreign country with a government that is fractious and disunited.

But when you look at the enemy we are fighting, any and all comparisons fly out the window.

Did the Viet Cong have global aspirations of world dominance?

Did the Vietnamese insurgents target their fellow countrymen for the sole purpose of igniting a Civil War?

Did the Communist Vietnamese soldiers attempt to launch terrorist attacks on United States soil and institute global communist rule?

Did the Communists in Vietnam declare anyone that did not agree with their zealous, radical ideology to be apostates deserving death?

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