Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today in Iran

Senators warn against war with Iran

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican and Democratic senators warned
Tuesday against a drift toward war with an emboldened Iran and suggested the
Bush administration was missing a chance to engage its longtime adversary in
potentially helpful talks over next-door Iraq.
"What I think many of us are concerned about is that we stumble
into active hostilities with Iran without having aggressively pursued diplomatic
approaches, without the American people understanding exactly what's taking
place," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told John Negroponte

"I believe there are some significant differences just right off
the bat than the situation I encountered in China, first and foremost the extent
to which relationship between the U.S. and China had developed on many fronts
prior to my arrival," he said. "My understanding from this vantage point ... is
that we are not at that level (with Iran). There is activity that's occurred on
part of Iranian government that has been seen by the international community
(about Iran) as not only not helpful in the region but in the world,
particularly in regard to the potential to develop nuclear weapons."

Fallon said he "philosophically" favors engagement over
Saudi Arabia says Iran initiated talks with the Arab kingdom to
contain growing sectarian divisions between Muslim Sunnis and Shiites in the
A paralyzing one-day strike imposed by the opposition in Lebanon
last week came to a halt apparently after Riyadh and Tehran spoke to each other
to end the protest that threatened to turn violent. Two days later, riots and
street clashes between government and opposition loyalists could have spiraled
out of control if Saudi Arabia and Iran did not interfere, according to
Israel's central Holocaust memorial said on
Tuesday over 2,000 people in Iran and thousands of other people, including
Iranians, had visited its new Farsi Web site documenting the mass murder of 6
million Jews.

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