Sunday, January 14, 2007

Duke Rape: Case Closed?

KC Johnson has a great post in his blog about CNN and Paula Zahn's ineptness around the Duke rape case.

This quote taken today from her CNN website: Accused, arrested and all but convicted in the court of public opinion. What role did race play in the Duke rape case? Paula Zahn is bringing it all out in the open, LIVE from Durham, North Carolina. Tune in Friday at 8 p.m. ET on "Paula Zahn Now."

Unlike some Duke alumni, the mainstream news media, and much of the sports world included, was quick to judge and slow to rescind its condemnation of the three accused students, who now appear to be innocent after the D.A. has dropped the charges and asked to be removed from the case after ethics charges have been filed against him.

The players should take solace... their school's President has invited them back to school and just recently criticized the D.A... only AFTER charges were dropped.

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