Friday, January 12, 2007

The left should worry

As the conventional wisdom goes, the liberal left tend to be more, well, liberal. The prevailing logic would also point to the fact that more liberals are gay than conservatives (Okay, okay, except for Mark Foley, and maybe a few evangelical pastors, but that's it!)
If that's true, then liberals take heed, gay liberals in particular... you should be the last to jump on the "give radical Arabs free reign" bus. As was reported over a year ago, Iran executed two homosexual teenagers on July 19th, 2005.
The news was also posted on the liberal Daily Kos on July 22nd.
Reportedly, the teenagers were held in prison for 14 months and beaten with up to 228 lashes prior to the hanging.

Are these the types of thugs we want to hand Iraq over to?

Where will they turn to next, once they've finished subjugating their own people?

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