Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taliban meet USMC

"We've been waiting a while to get this going"

- Corporal Matt Gregorio
Marines from the 24th MEU

The first US Marines of a new expeditionary force were deployed in Afghanistan’s troubled Helmand province yesterday, promising new and more aggressive tactics in an implicit criticism of the British operation there.

And from Fox News:

"The feeling in general is optimistic, excited," said Moder, 34, of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. "They've been training for this deployment the last nine months. We've got veteran leaders."

Moder said that experience would affect how his men fight in Afghanistan. "These guys saw a lot of progress in Ramadi, so they understand it's not just kinetic (fighting) but it's reconstruction and economic development."

One Marine in Charlie Company, Cpl. Matt Gregorio, 26, from Boston, alluded to the fact the Marines had been in Afghanistan for six weeks without carrying
out any missions. He said the mood was "anxious, excited."

"We've been waiting a while to get this going," he said.

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HK_USP_45 said...

This is just like my Devil Dogs -- the anti-military types mask their opposition to war in the veil of saving our men and women, meanwhile these Marines just want to jump in the fight.

Ooo fucking Rah.

Semper Fi!