Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Tibet, America?

"Free Tibet, I mean, actually, I mention this in America Alone. It’s not really what the book’s about, but I just happened to mention it in passing. Free Tibet is the classic liberal cause. It’s the all-time great bumper sticker. You go to any college in America, they’ve got a Free Tibet society. Everyone’s got the bumper stickers. The left, God bless them, got the bumper sticker in 1957, they put it on the Ford Edsel, and every time they buy a new car, they peel the Free Tibet bumper sticker off and put it on the new car. It’s the quintessential liberal cause in that nothing has happened. Nothing is done. It’s a bumper sticker, and that’s where it ends, and Tibet is less free than it ever was, and in fact, has been comprehensively wrecked and undermined by the Chinese. Butthey don’t mind as long as they get their little bit of posturing out of it."

The above is Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt's radio show. We've been tryin got "free tibet" for how long?

I write this as a former card-carrying member of "Students for a free Tibet" back in high school.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that you met with their spiritual leader in your younger years when campaigning for the "Free Tibet" movement and it was actually a proud moment for you then. But I guess this falls under the, "I also worked for Hillary and have come to realize the errors of my ways" category.

I like the X games. Lets see another 180.


Anonymous said...

Nick Brunetti-Lihach said...

You write with a sense of disdain and bitterness, and definitely incredulity at the notion that a person can change his or her mind.

After all, if you look at history, Ho Chi Minh admired the US Constitution, Hitler was an artist, Reagan was a Democrat, and Hillary, whom you mentioned, worked for Gerald Ford.

What's that saying? "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it?"


I don't hide from my past and have no reason to. You on the other hand mention little, as you examples did/do of "former lives". Perhaps you should start your next blog entry "when I was a liberal...", then I'll take your Gerald Ford analogy.


Nick Brunetti-Lihach said...

1) Start your own blog if you want to continue publishing nonsensical rants. You are basically polluting my blog. Read the comments at the Huffington Post, and you may find more kindred spirits.

2) Who's hiding? I wrote in this very post that I was a former "member" of Students for a free Tibet... in HIGH SCHOOL. Circa 1999. Excellent detective work, Sherlock.

3) If you actually did some research and read prior entries on this blog, you would have seen that my former liberal views have been mentioned repeatedly.

4) There's nothing to "take" of the Gerald Ford analogy... it's a simple fact. It would surprise me little if you continue to ignore facts, as you are wont to do with regard to the war in Iraq, etc.

5) Grow up. Your best arguments are attempts to hit below the belt, which only turn out as childish drivel. A counter-argument on the "Free Tibet" movement, or a discussion of China's human rights transgressions would be obvious points to raise, but I suppose you're satisfied with inane comments without any relevance.